Appleton Little League

2020 Regular Season Registration

2020 Regular Season Registration

This registration session will allow you to complete contact information and sign up for participation. Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.

Please Read Before Registering


Founded in 1958, Appleton Little League (A.L.L.) served over 900 boys and girls in 2019. A.L.L. offers both baseball and girls softball at several playing levels, including tee ball.

The baseball and softball divisions are each under the management of a dedicated Commissioner & Player Agent, who report to a Vice President of Baseball and Softball, respectively.

Appleton Little League division are National (North) and American (South), with the Fox River as the dividing line. 

Online Payments Only


Baseball Tee Ball

Baseball Rookie/Minor/Major    $75
Girls Softball Tee ball


Girls Softball Rookie/Minor/Major $75
Girls Softball Junior $90
Girls Softball Major + Junior $125

Prices do not reflect Fundraising and/or Volunteer Buyout  options.

Refund policy

No refund shall be given after April 15, 2020.  Any refund request must be submitted in writing and is subject to Board approval.

The Playing Season

The season runs from late April to early August, depending on age level and tournament activity. Most games are weekday evenings, and teams play an average of two games per week during the regular season.  Practices are set by each team manager, and generally teams will have one practice per week once games commence.

Game Locations and Times

Appleton Little League plays at Scheels USA Youth Sports Complex and Appleton Parks & Recreation, Appleton Area School District, and Fox Crossing’s Palisades Park fields. Our league could not operate without the support of these community partners.

The below days of the week apply to both Softball and Baseball.

Level of play

Tee Ball

Tuesday & Thursday
Rookie Monday & Wednesday
Minor Tuesday & Thursday
Major Monday & Wednesday
Junior (Softball only)

Tuesday & Thursday

Who Can Play?

Helpful Tools


Baseball Age Chart (A helpful grid to determine your Little League "baseball age")

Softball Age Chart (A helpful grid to determine your Little League "softball age")

League Age Calculator (Use this calculator to determine or verify the “league age” of any participant or candidate.) 

Little League Finder (Use this tool to ensure you are registering with the correct Little League) 

Appleton Little League 2020 Regular Season Player Registration is open for Appleton area boys and girls, "league" ages 4-12. Levels of play are determined primarily by Little League Age:


If playing Co-ed Tee Ball or Baseball...

your "League Age" is your age as of 8/31/2020.


If you are playing Girls Tee Ball or Girls Softball...

Your "League Age" is your age as of 12/31/2019.

(Use the tools to the right for additional help.)

Levels of Play

Baseball Major (ages 10-12): The Major league is the highest and most competitive level of baseball in Appleton Little League. All players age 11-12, who did not play on a 2018 Major league team must try out for the Major League level. 10-year-olds have the option to “opt out” of the Major tryouts/draft, being eligible only for Minor. Minimum playing requirements for the regular season include two innings of defense and one at-bat, subject to a complete game being played. In Appleton Little League, 9-year-olds are not allowed to play in the Major league. All 12-year-olds who try out are assured a Major league spot, unless upon unanimous (with parent’s initiating) vote by all involved, including President and District Administrator, the child is deemed a safety concern, and allowed to play in the Minor league.

Baseball Minor (8-11): The Minor league is a player pitch league, much like the Major league, providing a bit more emphasis on player development and participation. All 9-year-olds, and all 10- and 11-year-olds not drafted to a Major league team will be drafted to a Minor league team in their division, guaranteed. Only players league-age 11 and under are allowed to pitch at this level. There is a continuous batting order and more minimum playing time in the field. Minor teams are redrafted each year. 8-year-olds are allowed to tryout, but are not guaranteed to play at the Minor level. If not drafted to Minor, they will be placed on a Rookie level team.

Baseball Rookie (6-8): The Rookie league is a machine pitch (coach-assisted) league. This league is instructional and developmental in nature, but does allow for scorekeeping and a competitive environment. Teams are formed first by division, then by school, but with respect to more evenly-matched age clusters. Special requests for playing with friends, or with certain coaches will not be considered. 6-year-olds must pass a skills assessment. They are not guaranteed to play at the Rookie level. If not accepted into Rookie, will be placed on an Advanced Tee Ball level team and be refunded the difference in registration cost.

Co-ed Baseball Tee Ball (4-6): Boys and girls play together (4-5 Beginner or 5-6 Advanced).

Girls Softball Junior* (12-14): The Junior league in Softball is for 12- to 14-year-old girls, with tryouts for players not previously on a Junior league team. This is a competitive fast-pitch program. 12 year-olds who choose to participate in Junior must dual-roster in Major. Program is new for 2020, and is dependent on enough registrants.

Girls Softball Major (11-12): The Major league in Softball is for 11- and 12-year-old girls, with tryouts for players not previously on a Major league team. This is a competitive fast-pitch program. The 12-year-old rules noted in Baseball Major league section apply to Softball.

Girls Softball Minor (8 -10): The Minor league is also a player pitch, fast-pitch league, with rules modified to be age and skill level appropriate. 8-year-olds are allowed to tryout, but are not guaranteed to play at the Minor level. If not drafted to Minor, the player will be placed on a Rookie level team.

Girls Softball Rookie (6-8): This coach pitch league is instructional and developmental in nature, and seeks to teach the basics of softball. Teams are generally formed based on school attending. Special requests for playing with friends, or with certain coaches may be considered. 6-year-olds must have completed one year of Little League Tee Ball and request a skills assessment. If not accepted into Rookie, the player will be placed on a Tee Ball level team and be refunded the difference in registration cost.

Girls Softball Tee Ball (4-6): Girls play together.

no player will be allowed to move “up” two divisions year over year. Those requests will be denied.   For example, a player who played advanced tee ball in 2019 will not be allowed to play in minor league in 2020.

Residency Requirements

Players must reside or attend school within our defined "boundaries" to be eligible for official Little League post-season tournament play, though they can apply to play in regular season only if living outside boundaries. Players and siblings of players who move outside of an Appleton LL boundary may continue to play within that A.L.L. boundary, with an approved waiver request

Financial Assistance

If your child(ren) is interested in playing baseball, softball or tee ball with Appleton Little League and you are not able to pay the registration fee(s), we do have financial assistance available. Please complete our Financial Aid Request and email it to for consideration. 

After Registration

After completing and submitting either the online registration form, registrants will be contacted by their respective Player Agent or other League official prior to Major/Minor tryouts (late February) or team Rookie/Tee Ball assignments (late March). Please visit our website,, to stay up-to-date with Appleton Little League events and for more detail on each program.

Please note: Your registration IS NOT COMPLETE until it has been submitted and full payment is received by Appleton Little League.


the best method for contacting us with questions is email.  text messages are the second preference. phone calls will be returned as soon as possible, but please allow a few days for a response.

As an all-volunteer led league, we often are working on Appleton Little League business at unusual hours.  Email is the best method of contact, as we will not call or text during non-traditional hours.

Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Nichole Serrano

Registration Chairperson

Phone: 920.944.8081 (Text or Call)